Draft Letter To Sony/Columbia

This is to advise you that your new Columbia release, Nine Lives has the CD cover which is a DISTORTED AND VERY INSULTING depiction of Lord Krishna, the Hindu God, whom millions of Hindus worship all over the world.

It is clear that you and your artist distorted and defaced the original and UNIVERSALLY REVERED picture which shows Lord Krishna conquering the great serpent Kalinag. Your act of putting a face of a cat in place of Krishna’s is not only outrageous beyond any measure but also very insulting to the entire Hindu community worldwide. Also showing Krishna wearing a blouse is extremely offensive. This CD cover chosen by you is analogous to showing Lord Jesus on the cross with a cat’s face wearing a bikini.

On behalf of the entire Hindu community I demand that you IMMEDIATELY STOP SALE OF THIS CD, AND CHANGE COMPLETELY ITS COVER. Keep in mind that commercial free speech is not well protected.

If you decide not to do so, the Hindu community will picket your concerts, the record company headquarters, boycott your products (SONY & COLUMBIA), and take both of you to the Federal Court to seek permanent injunction and damages. It is also very clear to me that you will not be able to give any concerts in India forever, and will quickly loose popularity there.