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HinduVote - A Unique Resource for American Hindu Voters

Check Out a Unique Resource Congressional Elections 2022American Hindu Voters' Guide

HinduPACT's HinduVote is dedicated to educating Hindu voters in the USA.  As a non-profit organization. we are a Hindu, issue-based advocacy. We do not endorse any political party or political candidate. 

American Hindu Issue

From physical attacks on Hindus, attempts to erase Hindu faith from school textbooks to concern for human rights, and equality, we have documented issues that are important to the American Hindus

Questionnaire for Congressional Candidates

Engage your legislators. Find out how represents you and tell them how you feel about issues that are being discussed

Engage Your Legislators

Engage your legislators. Find out how represents you and tell them how you feel about issues that are being discussed

Hindu Vote Matters

According to a 2012 Pew Research Center report, “Asian Americans: A Mosaic of Faiths”, the Hindu population in the United States is the 8th largest in the world; 10% of Asian Americans, who together account for 5.8% of the US population, are followers of the Hindu faith.

According to a 2016 Pew Research Center report, “The Most and Least Educated U.S. Religious Groups”, Hindu Americans are the most highly educated religious group in America, with over 77% of Hindu Americans holding a college degree. Nearly half of Hindu American adults hold postgraduate degrees.

According to a 2016 Pew Research Center report, “How Income Varies among U.S. Religious Groups”, Hindu Americans have one of the highest household incomes of all religious groups in America. It is considered to be one of the richest religious groups in America.

Hindu Americans hold top leadership positions in major American companies in all sectors of life in the United States. Hindu American CEOs currently head US companies that earned over $450 billion in 2020.

Voter Registration

Many Hindus are first generation Americans. HinduPACT voter registration efforts ensure that Hindu voters register and participate in our democratic process​ at national, state and local levels. Click here to register to vote

Tools for Voters

From Pledge to Vote and Voter Registration to finding polling booth, all the voter tools at your finger tips!

Get Vote Out

We work with Hindu temples and other community organizations to ensure that Hindus go out and vote on the day of election or mail-in their ballot.

Voter Outreach

We educate voters on issues that impact them in their daily lives. We organize virtual and in-person voter outreach campaigns

Lawmaker / Candidate Awareness

We articulate issues to candidates and elected officials, seeking candidate views on questionnaires, and candidate forums.

Briefings and Testimonies

We hold briefing for legislators and their key staff members and present testimonies at all levels of government

Beyond Hindu Issues

For all voters, issues such as jobs, financial security, healthcare, social security, education, abortion, school prayers, gun control, national security etc, are important. We advocate dharma based positions on these issues

Hold Feet to Fire

Are the elected officials fulfilling their promises? We track the elected officials to see if they are fulfilling their promises made to the voters

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