HinduPACT Press Release on Presidential Elections

The following statement was issued by Ajay Shah, Convener, HinduPACT USA:

While the official elections have yet to be certified, the media has projected Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris as winners of the elections.  If these results eventually hold, on behalf of American Hindus we congratulate the Democratic ticket.  We want to commend a record number of voters who turned out to vote for elections in the 2020 Presidential election cycle.  We anticipate that a record number of American Hindus also voted in these elections.  The American Hindu community was more informed and more engaged than ever before.  We thank American Hindus for tuning into various HinduLounge shows and debates to understand both sides of the issues and utilizing resources available on our voter education website HinduVote.org to make an informed decision.

We heard from both the campaigns in this closely fought election that the American Hindu vote would play the most critical role in ten battleground states.  This should serve as a reminder that promises made to the American Hindus during the elections should now be kept

We want to remind tentatively President-elect Biden that while his campaign did not create a website with an agenda for Hindus (like it did for other faiths), his likely administration will abide by the promises given by his surrogates in various forums and address genuine domestic and international Hindu issues.  These include reduction of wait time for H1B visa holders (an issue disproportionally affecting Hindus), providing protection to children of H1B visa who attain adulthood (DACLA kids), reining in of blatant Hinduphobic resolutions by various Democrat-run city councils, Department of Education that ensures fair and accurate representation of Hindu dharma in federally funded educational institutions, fight against radical Islamic terrorism and advocacy for persecuted Hindu minorities globally.

This election cycle has also seen many American Hindu candidates elected.  HinduPACT will issue a separate press release on Congressional election results.

About HinduPACT USA

Hindu Policy Research and Advocacy Collective, USA – HinduPACT USA is an initiative of the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA). HinduPACT (hindupact.org) aims to bring Hindu ethos and dharmic values of unity in diversity, plurality, compassion and, mutual respect amongst religions to policy and advocacy for human rights, environmental protection, racial and gender equality, and, interfaith dialog.  HinduPACT activities include voter education (hinduvote.org), and weekly live show on contemporary American Hindu issues HinduLounge (hindulounge.com). 

About HinduVote.Org

HinduVote.Org, a project of HinduPACT USA is dedicated to engagement of voters in American electoral process at local, state and federal levels.  HinduVote promotes voter education, voter registration, and, get-out-the-vote efforts.   HinduVote engages legislators at all levels to ensure that issues important to American Hindus are addressed.

About World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)

World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) is the most prominent organization of Hindus in the USA.  Founded in 1970, it has chapters across the country.   VHPA runs educational programs for Hindu children and youth in addition to community service (Seva) activities, and initiatives such as Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference (HMEC), Hindu Womens’ Network, American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD), Hindu Policy Research and Advocacy Collective USA (HinduPACT).