American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) and HinduPACT on Caste

Understanding Caste and Hindu Hate

World Hindu Council of America / HinduPACT on Varna, Jati and "Caste"

VHPA Position Paper on Caste

To quote a well known leader of India, “If Untouchability is not wrong, nothing is wrong in the world.” Untouchability refers to treating certain class of persons as so lowly that even to come in physical contact with them is regarded unclean. Paradoxially, Untouchability is an unfortunate, and relatively a...

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Understanding Varna, Jaati and Colonial Roots of "Caste"

Vedic Literature Says “Caste” by Birth is Unjust

  Author: Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana Dasa)This article was published in the April-June 2021 issue of the Hindu Vishwa, the quarterly publication of VHPAThis article and more information at When it comes to the sensitive topic of Varnashrama, or what many people call the caste system of India, we...

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My Caste Don’t Ask: I am an Indian

Publication: OrganiserPublication Date: June 06, 2010Author: Sudesh Verma The author is a senior journalist Political Analyst and CEO ORSAA There are many people like me who would think of all these questions when the enumerators come to them. They had no role in chosing their caste. They became a Brahmin...

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Hinduism (Hindu Dharma) Does Not Permit Caste System

Author: J.G. AroraPublication: OrganiserDate: February 27, 2005 There is a misconception in some minds that Hindu scriptures sanction the caste system. Vedas, the proud possession of mankind, are the foundation of Hinduism. Vedas are all-embracing, and treat the entire humanity with the same respect and dignity. Vedas speak of nobility...

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Hindutva and Varna / Jati / "Caste"

“I am a reciter of hymns, my father is a healer, my mother a grinder of corn. We desire to obtain wealth through various actions” – From: Rig Veda 9.112.3

Our Special Section : American Hindu Advocacy and "Caste"

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