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She Was Someone's Daughter
A minor young Hindu girl in Sindh, Pakistan was raped and brutally murdered body, was found in a doctor's house in Pakistan. Educated or Non Educated the Muslim men in Pakistan think its their duty and privilege to violate minority girls.
7 Year Old Priya Kumar
7 yr old Priya Kumari was serving Sherbat with her dad to Muslims on Moharram in Sindh, Pakistan when she was taken away by some Muslim men, its said a Muslim man Sardar Zahid Ali Shah had made advances to Priya's mother with no success so he took the little girl. Its been 3 yrs the whereabout of this child is unknown. Police is pretending to investigate.
Innocent 11 Year Old Girl
This 11 yr old Christian girl was raped by a Muslim man, Ahmad Raza, in Pakistan. Police did not take any action.
Will Justice Ever Reach Her?
14 Years old Minor Hindu Girl Parisha Kumari was beaten & abducted and forced converted by armed men at Garhi Mori Sindh. Parents and Hindu community had lodged FIR but still police is not doing anything on this case to recover a 9th class student. Is this Pakistan for Hindus ? She is now a sex slave
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CHINGARI: Igniting Change for Hindu Girls

CHINGARI is a social justice campaign aimed toward bringing awareness to Hindus across the globe about the atrocities that young, innocent Hindu girls face in Sindh, Pakistan each day. Through informative advocacy, we seek to make our local U.S. representatives aware of the unstable religious situation in Pakistan and take further action to convey their disapproval.

Persecution in Pakistan

Deepti Mahajan with Yasmine Mohammed in podcast about Hindu girl abduction in Pakistan

Deepti Mahajan is the director of the CHINGARI Project, a social justice campaign aimed towards raising awareness about the suffering that young, innocent Hindu girls face in Pakistan, where torture, assault and abductions are a daily occurrence.

CHINGARI : Coalition for HINdu Girls Abducted and their RIghts

Introducing CHINGARI

CHINGARI Vigils 2021

CHINGARI: Igniting Change for Hindu Girls

In the corners of Sindh, Pakistan, young Hindu girls suffer silently, victims of abduction, assault, forced conversion, rape, and death. CHINGARI is a beacon of hope, a call for justice and dignity. Join us to #SAVEOURHINDUGIRLS IN PAKISTAN, to stop forced conversions and ignite a change that resonates for generations.


Let their stories be heard, their pain acknowledged, and their rights restored. Be the change they need.





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Volunteer with CHINGARI to protect and empower young Hindu girls in Pakistan and join the movement to #SAVEOURGIRLS.

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Donate to support our cause and become a beacon of hope for those who need it most.

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