AHADC Calls for Continuation of Protest since SONY has not yet apologized in writing and Major Stores Continue to Sell the “Nine Lives” CD

We note with great regret and dismay that the Hindu community has still not received any written apology from SONY Music for offending Hindus. Although SONY has changed most parts of its website, the promotional picture at this link still remains.

We also note with great concern that the CD, which has offended so many Hindus has still not been pulled from the major stores that are selling it.

We present here, a link to the apology by Aerosmith, which was sent to several news organizations. We were sent a copy of this press release by Mr. Joseph Salvo, Senior Counsel for SONY Music and Entertainment.

We urge the community to continue writing strong letters to SONY music and the stores to recall “Nine Lives” CD.

If SONY Music and the departmental stores do not withdraw this CD and if the written apology from SONY Music is not forthcoming, the Hindu community will be forced to consider stronger action, including boycott of the products made by SONY and legal action against SONY in India and other countries.

In order to facilitate writing protest letters to the stores, we have now created a single link, by clicking here you can send letters to all the major stores still selling “Nine Lives” (this feature works for Netsacpe, if it does not work for your browser, please select individual addresses from the menu below)