HinduLounge Episode List

Episode NumberTopic
1Hindus Serving Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2The Lynching of sadhus in Palgarh, India.
3USCIRF Report on Religious Freedom and its Impact on American Hindus
4Introducing Hindutva
5CAA in India in American Context
6Building a Grassroots Hindu Advocacy in America
7Killing of George Floyd + Hindus and Social Media
8Caste in Hindu Dharma
9Will Hindus Join in Shedding the monuments of their slavery
10Will China be less expansionist by following dharma and abandoning Communism/Maoism
11On Skin and Soul : Dark Skin and Hindu Dharma
12Streaming Hinduphobia on Netflix : Krishna and his Leela
13American Hindu Identity and 2020 Presidential Elections
14American Hindu Agenda for 2020 Presidential Elections
15Early Warnings for Hindus in America
16Ram Janmabhoomi and the American Hindu
17Envisioning Ramrajya in America
18Kamala Harris - Hindu? Hmm… Indian? Hmm… Vote for Her? Hmm…
19Hindus and the 2020 Democratic National Convention
20Hindus and the Republican National Convention 2020
21Redmond City Council, CA Textbook Ruling
22Saffron Dress, Hindu Name + VHPA’s Reflections@50
23HinduPACT Congressional Candidate Questionnaire
24Amnesty International’s Indophobia
25Hit Job on American Hindu Politicians from both parties
26Hindu Issues in America this Week
27Special - Closing Arguments for 2020 Elections
28Special - 2020 Elections - The American Hindu Experience
29Diwali 2020 - Hindus Are Winning the Battle of Good Over Evil
30USCIRFNext Round - Step 1
31US Supreme Court Decision on Pandemic and Religious Freedom + France Tackles Terrorism
32UN Resolution Excludes Hindus + WSJ's "Brahmin Bailout" & Neera Tanden
33In the Week of 70 th. Anniversary of Human Rights Day
34HinduPACT Fundraising Gala Review
35Top 5 Predictions for American Hindu Issues in 2021
36American Hindus and the Protests at the Capitol Hill
37Hindu Agenda for First 100 Days of the Biden/Harris Presidency + Kashmir Exodus Day
38Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Bose President Biden’s Cabinet Picks
39What’s Wrong with the Hindu Sunday Schools in America
40Indian Farm Laws - The Hindu Haters Find Another Cause
41Analysis of the American Indian Attitude Survey
42India as Vishwa Guru (World Teacher)
43Twitter Tanks Tanden Nomination?
44President Biden: “Indian descent Americans are taking over the country”​ + Freedom House Report
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