Hindudvesha Webinar Series Premier

Co-sponsored by American Hindus Against Defamation, AHAD (an initiative of VHPA) and Dharma Civilization Foundation, in this groundbreaking webinar series, we will be exploring an ambient and pervasive phenomenon that is popularly known as Hinduphobia. However, we will be introducing a new term, Hindudvesha, which more accurately describes this phenomenon. We will look at how to define it, […]

Hindudvesha – Systemic Hinduphobia Webinar : The Colonial Roots of Hindudvesha


The Colonial Roots of Hindudvesha - When did it start ? Who started it ? Click here to register In this Webinar, we will be exploring the genealogy of Hindudvesha. While Hindudvesha goes far back into history, we will pick up an important thread with the writings from the British Colonial era which set in […]

AHAD Webinar Hindudvesha – Systemic Hinduphobia in School Textbooks


Systemic Hinduphobia, Hindudvesha is systematized and institutionalized in school textbooks, not only in the USA but also around the world, including India itself. It deeply impacts our younger generation, who are taught that Hinduism is backward, hierarchical and guilty of oppression from time immemorial. In this webinar we will look at why this is, what […]

Hindudvesha / Hinduphobia Webinar: What Can Hindus Learn from the Jewish Holocaust

The horrors of the Holocaust that unfolded in Nazi Germany in the 20th century were preceded by an intense anti-Semitic discourse that dehumanized the Jewish people. Anti-Semitic discourse paved the way for a society claiming to be civilized to perpetrate, without remorse or protest, the horrors of the Holocaust.  This Webinar will feature two Jewish speakers, […]

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