Groups and Individuals Involved in the Attack on BAPS

The attack on BAPS and the allegations of “caste-based exploitation” in BAPs temple complex in Robbinsville-NJ,  involves a web of organizations and institutions with a long track record of Hinduphobic activism, both in the United States and India. 

It is also not a coincidence that the article in the New York Times that appeared on the day the BAPS temple was raided by federal authorities, was researched and written by an individual who worked for a media outlet funded by the same organization that has donated to an activist group named Aajeevika Bureau in India. Interestingly, activists working with the Aajeevika Bureau have been involved in running the anti-BAPs campaign in India. Additionally, and, two media outlets that published anti-BAPs articles recently, have also received funding from the same source that has funded Aajeevika Bureau.

The same organizations that fund Aajeevika Bureau and the individuals that have been targeting BAPs in the US, have been running campaigns in support of Stan Swamy, a Catholic priest (incarcerated without bail) for working with Maoist terror groups and for fomenting the infamous Bhima-Koregaon riots in 2018, and campaigning to introduce “Caste” based discrimination in the US. 

Below is a list of individuals and organizations that are linked to the attack on BAPS.

Org list:

  1. Equality Labs/Ambedkar King Study Circle (US based)
  2. AIDIndia (US and India)
  3. Hindus 4HR (US based)
  4. Aajeevika Bureau (india based)
  5. Patthar Ghadai (India)

List of People:

  1. Swati Sawant
  2. Professor Audrey Truschke
  3. Sunita Vishwanath
  4. Sharmin Hossein
  5. Sheelagh McNeill

As we went about, doing a detailed analysis of these individuals and organizations offers a unique perspective on how multiple ideological streams, often at loggerheads with each other, have converged on a mutually complementary partnership in targeting India geopolitically and Hindus in America socio-politically.