Tell State Legislators : Auspicious Swastika is NOT a Symbol of Hate

New Jersey is the latest state to attempt to designate Swastika as a hate symbol with NJ Bill AB 174.  While this bill tries to distinguish the Nazi Hakenkreuz from the Swastika, any vilification of auspicious word Swastika is denigrating to the followers of the dharmic community.

This is the third attempt in past few months, and second in two weeks to designate Swastika as a hate symbol through a legislation.

We have launched a petition, where we are seeking your “general consent” – whereby we will use the same petition with and the signatories every time a state legislation against Swastika comes up. Please sign the petition by clicking the link here:

Click Here to Sign a Petition Against Swastika as a Hate Symbol State Legislations