HinduPACT Statement on Attacks on Asian Americans

March 19, 2021

HinduPACT condemns the murders and other violent attacks on Asian Americans across the US, including Indian Americans who are predominantly followers of the dharmic religious traditions.  Reports indicate that over the past one year, around 3000 attacks on Asian Americans have taken place, which reflects a 150% increase over the previous year.  HinduPACT believes that lack of cultural understanding, racial prejudices, and economic envy are among the primary reasons for these attacks.  These attacks have no place in America.

Commenting on the attacks, Ajay Shah, President of World Hindu Council of America and Convenor of HinduPACT stated:

Attacks on Asian Americans, driven by “Othering” and economic envy have no place in America.  While physical attacks are recorded and reported to some extent, the bullying of children in the schools and other more subtle attacks go unrecorded and unreported.  Universities and school districts that apply “personality scores” and other measures to deprive Asian Americans equal opportunity in education also play a role in increasing prejudice against Asian Americans.   

Utsav Chakrabarti, Executive Director of HinduPACT stated:

Over the past decade, Asian Americans have been increasing demonized and targeted for their success in the academia and the workplace. It was just a matter of time before the shrill rhetoric of identity-politics on social media and in the Public square took its toll in the form of such a tragic event.

Rakhi Israni, HinduPACT Executive Director, Legal said:

As a community, Asian Americans have always been hard-working and positive contributors to the American economy and society, and yet they have continually experienced astonishing numbers of hate crimes.  The acts of hate experienced by the Asian American community haven’t been limited to violent physical actions.  Unfortunately, they have spanned a wide gamut of subtle moves to punish Asian Americans for their success and achievements.  We call on all policy makers, in the private and public sectors, to strive for the equal treatment of all individuals, regardless of race, religion, and nationality. 

A detailed exploration of attacks on Asian Americans was presented on the HinduLounge, our weekly live show on Contemporary American Hindu issues (hindulounge.com) on March 13, 2021.

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