CHINGARI Appeal – Demand that the United States and Pakistani Governments Condemn Forced Conversion in Sindh, PK

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The CHINGARI Petition

In Pakistan, underage girls belonging to the minority Hindu, Christian, and Sikh communities are kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam and forcibly married and subjected to rape. The Movement of Solidarity and Peace estimates that every year 1,000 such girls are forcibly converted to Islam. This estimate could be even higher than 1,000 as many cases remain unreported. A Forbes Policy report also estimates the number of forcibly converted girls to be around 1,000 per year. However, the Pakistan government rejected it and termed the report as “rubbish and baseless.”

For the last decade, journalists and local organizations have pulled the curtains on the horrific acts of forced conversion, marriage, and kidnapping of young girls from the minority communities in Sindh, Pakistan. Little girls are snatched from their families and thrown into a life in which they are threatened, silenced, and tormented until they succumb to their kidnappers’ wishes: conversion to Islam and marriage. What is more shocking is the reluctance and ignorance of local and national government bodies in Pakistan to seek justice for these innocent victims.

Whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Sikh, we believe every child deserves a chance at discovery, love, education, and growth without the traumatic robbery of their innocence. Hence, we began the CHINGARI initiative. This initiative is focused on demanding accountability from the Pakistani government and the United States government for each of their complacency in allowing this grave issue of severe abuse of little children to slip under the rug. Three girls a day experience this hell in Pakistan. We want the screams of these innocent little girls from Sindh, Pakistan to be heard across the globe.

CHINGARI is a social justice campaign aimed toward bringing awareness to Hindus across the globe about the atrocities that young, innocent Hindu girls face in Sindh, Pakistan each day. Through informative advocacy, we seek to make our local U.S. representatives aware of the unstable religious situation in Pakistan and take further action to convey their disapproval.

CHINGARI: Save Girls From Abduction and Forcible Conversion and Marriage in Pakistan
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