CHINGARI: The Coalition for Hindu Girls Abducted Assaulted Forcibly Converted and their Rights
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CHINGARI Introduction Video

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CHINGARI Introductory Video

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In Pakistan, underage girls belonging to the minority Hindu, Christian, and Sikh communities are kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam and forcibly married and subjected to rape. The Movement of Solidarity and Peace estimates that every year 1,000 such girls are forcibly converted to Islam.

Act NOW: Click Here to Sign the Petition to Demand that the United States and Pakistani Governments Condemn Forced Conversion in Sindh, Pakistan.



  • Mother of Nasiban – An Abducted Hindu Girl

    Grief-stricken mother of another Hindu girl, Nasiban (14), abducted in Sindh few months back hold true for Pakistan – “It is a curse to be born in an Islamic country.

  • Vijay Kumar, father of a 14-Year Old

    “My daughter is a young girl and Ali Raza (28-year old) who has kidnapped her. He has two wives and four children. “How can my daughter like him,”

  • A Hindu father whose son was abducted & Gang Raped in Kot Gulam Muhammad, Mirpur Khas, Sindh-Pakistan

    “We cant sent our children out, not even to school because they are sexually assaulted or raped by people to Humiliate or punish us for our religion. Police dont help us”

  • Sapna Gobia
    Universitiy Student, Dharaki, Pakistan

    “We Hindu girls and married women have lived in the shadow of constant fear … of being kidnapped, forced to abandon our faith and convert and re-married forcibly to someone not from our faith,” 


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