Hindu Policy Research and Advocacy Collective (HinduPACT)

Hindu Policy Research and Advocacy Collective – HinduPACT is an initiative of the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA), that was started on May 31, 2020.  HinduPACT (hindupact.org) aims to bring Hindu ethos and dharmic values of unity in diversity, plurality, compassion and mutual respect amongst religions to policy and advocacy for human rights, environmental protection, racial and gender equality and interfaith dialog.

HinduPACT activities include voter education (hinduvote.org), and weekly live show on contemporary American Hindu issues HinduLounge (hindulounge.com).  HinduPACT companion projects American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD, ahadinfo.org) and Hindudvesha – Hinduphobia  (hindudvesha,org) address denigration of Hindu symbols, deities and culture and Hinduphobia respectively.