WATCH AHAD and DCF Hindudvesha Webinar: What Hindus Can Learn from the Jewish Holocaust

The horrors of the Holocaust that unfolded in Nazi Germany in the 20th century were preceded by an intense anti-Semitic discourse that dehumanized the Jewish people. Anti-Semitic discourse paved the way for a society claiming to be civilized to perpetrate, without remorse or protest, the horrors of the Holocaust. 

This Webinar will feature two Jewish speakers, a Holocaust survivor and a Holocaust Historian, who reflect on their experiences. How does the Jewish community preserve the memories of those events and tirelessly work to ensure that they never happen again? What are possible Holocaust lessons for Hindus who have experienced genocide in several countries and who continue to experience sustained Hindudvesha –  a discourse that dehumanizes Hindus everywhere.

AHAD is an initiative of World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) This webinar is part of Hinduphobia / Hindudvesha series in partnership with Dharma Civilization Foundation.