AHAD Stand on Kamala Harris Debated

BOSTON—Readers of INDIA New England News blasted INE for publishing an article in which the World Hindu Council of America, known as VHPA, questioned the Hindu heritage of US Senator Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

The article entitled “World Hindu Council of America Leaders Question Hindu Heritage of Senator and Democratic VP Candidate Kamala Harris” was published on Oct. 20, 2020.

Here are some readers’ reaction to the article:

“Shame on you all for printing this racist diatribe on your website. I am disgusted to read this on your website. It offends me enormously. To  print this only 12 days before election is nothing but irresponsible.

Is this what you think Hindu religion is? Kamala Harris is Hindu by birth. Her mother was Hindu. What makes you believe these racist Hindu Council writers?

I ask you to remove this blasphemy from your website and apologize to all the readers.”

–Anoop Desai

“I am writing to fully endorse the expressions of horror and shame of Mr. Anoop Desai on your reporting on Sen. Kamala Harris. The intent of the writer, including the deliberate misinterpretation of the Hindu influences on Sen. Harris’ life, are highly suspect.

The innuendo, sarcasm and gutter level writing style are unbecoming of any publication or of any truly philosophically Hindu association. The substantial influences of Indian culture and the Hindu religion on Ms. Harris have been unquestionably established and your motivated article will not tarnish that in the minds of any real Hindu.

Incidentally, there are countless people in India who embrace both Hinduism and Christianity, having beliefs in the strengths and best practices of both faiths. The sudden spewing of so much intolerance against a person of Indian origin, who is possibly on the verge of attaining the second highest office in the land, insults the aspirations of all Indian origin Americans. In the hope that you will see some light and apologize.”

–B. Ravindra Rao

Thank you for publishing our press release on Kamala Harris as Goddess Durga meme. I have seen the headlines where some of your users have blasted India New England News for publishing the article based on our press release.

Those who have criticized you, have neither bothered to read Sen. Harris’s biography or heard her speak about her faith. Senator Harris has always claimed to be Baptist. She has NEVER claimed to be a Hindu. So it is not blasphemous of us to call her non-Hindu. We challenge anyone to find a statement where Sen. Harris has said that she is a Hindu. Therefore, it is not VHPA that is questioning Sen. Harris’s Hindu faith. We are merely respecting Sen. Harris’s wishes to declare a faith of her choosing.

American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) is an organization that is devoted to fighting the denigration of Hindu culture, customs, and icons. Rest assured that if Pres. Trump had portrayed himself as Krishna in Vishwaswaroop Darshan, we would have had a similar response.