Protest the Caricature of Hindu Deities to Sell Alcohol in Austin, TX


We the undersigned have recently noticed that your bar and restaurant, Whip In is caricaturing Hindu deities to sell alcohol.

We find the imagery and labels you have used to brand your ales,

Lakshmi Hefe
Parvati Pale Ale
the Ganesale
the Kalidurgale
the Gayatribrews

have direct connotation to the names of the most sacred Hindu deities (representation of Hindu Gods and Goddesses), Saraswati, Parvati, Gayatri, Kali and Durga, Rama, Krishna and Ganesha. The images used on the alcohol bottles as depicted on your website indicate that you clearly intend to make this connection.

We deplore the use of Hindu images and sacred names to sell a product that is irrelevant to Hindu spiritual practices. This caricature of Hindu deities to promote alcohol is abusive commercial use of Hindu deities and symbols and scriptures. It denigrates the Hindu dharma and hurts the sentiments of its practitioners.

We strongly request that you replace the Hindu images and names from your branding immediately and apologize to the Hindu community for hurting their sentiments.