Destruction of UNESCO Heritage Bujang Valley Site in Malaysia

Dear Sir,


We protest the sale of planned demolition of Bujang Valley UNESCO Heritage and Archeological site by the Malaysian Government for housing development.

Kadaram (Kedah) is part of the ancient King Raja Raja Cholan’s kingdom. Raja Raja Chola built many temples in Kedah in the eight century, however the only surviving temple is in Bujang Valley. Bujang Valley is recognized as a heritage place which is older than Angkor Watt in Cambodia.

The global Hindu community, led by American Hindus Against Defamation, a project of World Hindu Council of America and other supporting organizations asserts that the Malaysian government does not have a right to sell this UNESCO heritage site and the land surrounding it for commercial and housing development.

We also express our concerns for other dharmic heritage sites in Malaysia such as Kota Gelanggi. We believe that it is the responsibility of Malaysian Government to preserve and protect these Malaysian Hindu heritage sites. The preservation of these sites will be a testament to Malaysia’s great ancient heritage and an important link to Malaysian past.


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