Portrayal of Shree Krishna on Xena : The Warrior Princess Raises Concerns of Hindus Worldwide

Producers of the popular TV show, “Xena: Warrior Princess” have cast Krishna as a fictional supporting player in an upcoming action episode – “The Way”.

The program, produced by Universal Studios, has Xena “seeking the help of the god Krishna to rescue Gabrielle and Eli from the clutches of the King of the Demons.”

Hindus have voiced concern at this fictionalized portrayal of the revered Lord Shree Krisha. Our simple request to preview either the script of the episode or the episode itself, and evaluate it from the Hindu perspective has gone unanswered.

We would like to express strong concerns about this episode on behalf of American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD).

We urge the Hindus around the world to write to the producers of the show, Universal Studios and the Pacific Renaissance Picture requesting that the Hindu concerns be fully addressed before this upcoming episode of Xena : The Warrior Princess is released.

We would like to make the following points very clear :

1. Irregardless of whether or not Bollywood also creates fictional scenarios about Lord Krishna, the point is that the way that it is apparently done here is in a way that equates Krishna with the gods of Greek and other mythology. It thus cheapens and trivializes what is inactuality something held sacred to almost one billion Hindus.

2. Creating fictional role for Lord Krishna is akin to the creation of fictional role for Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed.

3. Krishna is real! Krishna is the Supreme Lord, not a fictional,literary character who can be played with for mundane entertainment.

4. Hindus will be deeply offended if the producers run this show.

5. Many devotees will boycott products produced by the advertisers if the show is offensive to 1 billion strong Hindu community.

5. Universal Studios will be perceived as anti-Hindu, if they proceed with the show.

We certainly hope that the Universal Studios does not intend to hurt the sentiments of a billion strong Hindu community around the world. However, there is a distinct possibility that the airing of a story offensive to Hindus will indeed permanently alienate the Hindu community not just towards this particular show but all the entertainment products that Universal Studios produces. After all, Hindus around the world can hardly be silent spectators while the God they worship so passionately is being denigrated.

It is our clear intention to avoid any confrontations or controversies. We have always sought to amicably resolve the issues that hurt the Hindu sentiments in the very early stage, and we are indeed hopeful that this issue will also be similarly resolved.