Call for Action; Drinking, Dancing Deities: An Attack on Hindu Dharma

Thank you for exploring this site and not being satisfied with the corruption of Hindu ideals.

The following press release explains the controversy behind the nightclub Karma and its denigration of Hindu dharma through the exploitation of symbols of divinity. Included are pictures of the Karma club in Chicago, IL taken during its opening week in August, 1997. As you can see, in an attempt to earn money from what is considered to be exotic in the Western eye, the owners of the nightclub–Srinivas “Sarin” Reddy, Rakesh, and Carson–have used holy symbols of Hindu religion and placed them in a sacrilegious surrounding.

  • We at the American Hindu Anti-Defamation Coalition urge you to take action in the following ways:
  • Make a firm decision not to passively accept the denigration of Hindus.
    Click here and sign the Protest Book
  • Inform others of this issue so that they too can protest.
  • Take a few minutes to send email, post mail, fax, or phone call to the owners of the club as well as the club itself indicating your stance in this controversy.
  • By having many people respond, we can better persuade them into considering our view. Please send messages to each of the three co-owners by mail, email, telephone, and/or fax:
    Srinivas Reddy, Rakesh, Carson


Karma Club: 318 W. Grand Ave.; Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: (312) 321-1331; Fax (312) 321-1115

  • Write letters to the editors of your local and national Indian newspapers about this issue, showing support for Hindu ideals and the global Hindu community. Let the world know that we will not accept the words and deeds of those who, claiming to expound Hindu dharma, are actually exploiting it.

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