An Invitation to Join AHADC

Saprem Namaskar,

We would like to invite you and your organization to join the American Hindu Anti-Defamation Coalition (AHADC).

AHADC is a task force, an entity, convened to address the issue of the Aerosmith music group using the disfigured picture of Bhagwan Shree Krishna on the cover of its latest album “Nine Lives”

AHADC consists of temples, cultural and religious organizations, and concerned citizens convened to act on this important issue. There is no formal membership in AHADC. We merely ask that if you and your organization agree to the following points, you join fellow Hindus all over the USA. These points are :

We believe that Shree Krishna is a prominent Hindu representation of God. Shree Krishna represents auspiciousness to several hundred million Hindus around the world.

We believe that the picture of Shree Krishna should only be kept in places where it is accorded proper respect. It should not be disfigured for commercial gains or trivializing His importance.

We believe that the cover of Aerosmith album is easily recognizable by Hindus everywhere as that of Shree Krishna’s battle with Kalia (Kaliya), a serpent demon.

We believe that the placing disfigured picture of Shree Krishna, replacing His upper body with a woman’s upper body and replacing His face with that of a cat is highly offensive and
objectionable to Hindus.

We request that Sony/Columbia take into account the sensitivities of the Hindu community and immediately replace the cover of t his album.

We also request the Hindu organizations and temples to join AHADC for the singular purpose of protesting Sony/Columbia’s insensitivities against the Hindu community.

We request those who practice Hindu dharma in one of its many forms to write to Sony/Columbia expressing their outrage at the disfiguring of Shree Krishna..

The coalition plans to contact theSony/Columbia with a letter containing the points mentioned above points. We request that you contact your local Hindu organizations and ask them to sign this letter.

The coalition may also publish newspaper advertisements on this issue, containing the points mentioned above and signature of participating organizations.

Please note that AHADC is a single issue task force. Names of the signatories will not be used for any purpose other than the points represented above. We hope that your organization or temple finds this issue meritorious and worthy of importance placed on it.

We urge you to join AHADC


Ajay Shah, Chetan Tanna, Vaani Chawla
for American Hindu Anti-Defamation Coalition
and Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (World Hindu Council)

In order to Join AHADC Please sign and fax or e-mail the following

Dear Convener of AHADC,

My Organization [Name of Your Organization] agrees on the abovementioned points. We will be one of the signatories to the letter that mention above points. I also authorize the convener of AHADC to use the name of my organization for the above purpose in press release and newspaper advertisement as long as it contains only the above mentioned points. I understand that AHADC will contact me if there are any changes to the content of the letter, I will be contacted by AHADC.

Signature :
Date :
Your Name :
Name of the Organization :
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Phone No. :
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